Hair Dye Options For Sensitive Skin

If you walked on your local supermarket aisle, you will see rows upon rows of hair dyes. Every brand and color imaginable is there for your choosing.

However, these chemical dyes do create some controversy. Many people feel that they are not the healthiest option for your hair, and some people have even had major allergic reactions to them.

So, some people are looking for ways to change their hair color, without damaging their hair, or causing an allergic action.

One great hair color, that uses a less amount of dye, is the ombre hair color. The ombre hair color is where the lower tips of the hair are dyed a different color than the upper root-length of the hair. This enables you to keep the dye further away from your scalp, while still creating a fresh look.

The ombre hair color was especially fashionable several years ago, and while it is not worn as much today, it still remains a very stylish look. And a DIY ombre hair color is easy to do. Simply die the tips of your hair up to about chin level, for a fun two-tone look.

Another alternative dye available, is the henna hair dye. Derived from the henna plant, henna hair dye benefits your hair, by coating the cuticles with natural plant proteins that help protect them from the damaging smoke and smog of the environment.

Keep in mind, that the henna hair dye only last about six weeks, and then must be reapplied. Also, because henna is so protective of your hair, chemical dyes cannot be used until the henna dye has grown out.

Also, because the henna dye is entirely plant-based, there is only a limited number of colors available. Lighter colors, such as blonde is not available in henna, although other natural dyes such as those derived from the Marigold flower are available.

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And, if nothing else you can always used tea to die your hair, although that requires a weekly application.

So, for the customer concerned with chemical-based dyes, there are now several natural options to consider!

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